Silver Travertine Tumbled Paver
Silver travertine paver specifically for outdoors. The high variation of grey veins creates a significant, distinct movement.
Fantasy White Marble Sandblasted Pavers
Fantasy White Marble Sandblasted Pavers specifically for outdoors. The high variation of grey veins creates a significant, distinct movement.
Interior Luxury Marble
Wonderful Natural Look for Interiors
Contemporary backyard look and modern landscape design. Grayish-white with less large veins and more fine, feathery veining that often appears to be linear.
Ivory Travertine Tumbled Paver
Elegant sophisticated stone that works beautifully with most any hardscape design
TRAVERTINE TILES - Available on all Sizes 18"x 18" - 12"x24" - 24"x24" & Pattern
Creama Europa Marble Flooring Tile
Marble Tile Available on all Sizes 18"x 18" - 12"x24" 24"x24" - 18"x36" 36"x36" - Pattern
Golden Silver Travertine Paver
Sophisticated, warm and inviting are just a few words to describe Golden Silver. Its cream colored background is accented with striking bands of various beige and gray tones. It gives a strong visual impact to any project.

Our Story

Pyramids Tile & Stone is a leading importer of natural stone, specializing in Marble, Limestone, and Travertine. Our products, which are warehoused in Orlando, Florida, include all the popular types, finishes, and sizes for tiles. In addition, we carry a full range of accessories including mosaics, medallions, moldings, and pavers.


We stand behind our products and assure that they meet the quality and specifications requested by each customer. Our staff works hard to make sure that every order is efficiently filled at the country of origin. We carefully monitor each order from the moment it is placed to the moment the material is received, while making sure that the customer is completely satisfied. The PTS Total Quality Control Program assures us, as well as our customers, of the high level of service, quality, and cost-effective business practices that are available. We recognize, understand, and deliver based on our customer’s needs not market conditions.


We are confident in our expertise of operations and look forward to doing business with clients who value quality and professional service. To learn more about doing business with Pyramids Tile & Stone, or if you have any questions or need of further information please feel free to contact us.


We invite you to take a look at our carefully selected products and get inspired to have us come alongside your next project

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